WebcamMax Version Free trial

Video calls like you've never known before, with spectacular effects

WebcamMax will provide your webcam with the steroids it needs to become a multimedia monster overflowing with effects.
After installing WebcamMax you'll be able to add thousands of effects to your video calls which will stun and amaze your conversation partners. You'll be able to completely distort your looks, to fly hearts or colorful butterflies to those at the other end of the line, to add hilarious texts that will appear on the screen, and to unleash tiny, scary creatures to give a fright to your video chat partners.
Putting aside the pastime features, it also offers useful applications for your webcam related activities, such as screen capture, exporting recorded files to YouTube or Facebook, and popular video chat software programs, such as Skype, support.
You can transfer to other participants whatever it is you're currently seeing on your screen (those of you who've seen American Pie are kindly requested to stop contemplating the illegal uses for this software program but rather to focus on the option for holding presentations to faraway audiences, for example).
It supports almost any webcam, and any PC screen combined with its free version will do just fine for the first couple of months.
Users come first